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 How it all began 


Hey guys... so some of you might be curious as to how Decalicious London actually came about.. I’m guessing that’s why you might be reading this right now.

Well let me say hello! I'm Danii, a full time mumma & the founder / designer of Decalicious London.


During my maternity leave, in the spare moments I managed to find, I found myself wanting to organise & tidy rather than sit & chill out. Being a new mum is tough enough as it is, so my thought process was if the house was organised then my mind was organised. 

Now, I’m definitely not the most artistic of people but having spent quite a bit on labels online, I thought rather than buying it already made, why not do it myself?! 

I delved into finding out how I could make vinyl labels and after a lot of googling and you-tubing I came across a lot of blogs and tutorials telling me “how to” and before I knew it I’d tapped press to buy on my first cutting machine...and the rest as they say, is history!

I had a lot of fun playing around with labels for my home & within a couple of weeks I was getting requests from family & friends, my friends friends and people I worked with.. before long I’d set up an Instagram page and managed to sell enough labels to upgrade to my next machine. 

Just as things were really starting to pick up, we hit the covid pandemic and now with even more time at home my mind starting wondering how I could make more of Decalicious.

Decalicious grew from strength to strength & the selling of pre-labelled products seemed to be the next logical step, along with wax melts.


This became my next challenge & I fell in love with the wax melt process. I started practicing in August last year and introduced my wax melts to the market ready for the autumn season & Halloween offering my favourite scent, Pumpkin Spice.

I’ve never looked back since... juggling a little one and a small business certainly keeps me on my toes but I wouldn’t have it any other way.. 

I’ve nearly hit the big 10k following on Instagram and have recently started creating TikTok’s which is actually quite fun although I’m still very much a newbie to that!... Head over and give me a follow when you can :) 


I don’t know what the future holds but I do know I’m going to continue doing what I love and that’s providing the highest of quality products & great customer service to you all which is something I pride myself on.

Please stick around and join this journey with me, without any of you, I wouldn’t be doing this!

Lots of love,

Danii 💕

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